A Note on Preparing for Winter

  On Friday we had an A.G.W.P (all group work project) where we took down all of the pig fences, and took apart the boards in their feeding area. The pigs were sent to Adam’s, the slaughter house in Athol, about a month before. We really got into some serious grime. Everyone worked together and fast to get the project done. At one point some of us had to bring the fences and feeders to the Waslaski barn, and unloaded them there.

   We then put fresh straw down for bedding for the cows inside the barn. The sun shone through the barn doors, revealing the dust in the air and giving us just enough light to see. We jumped back in the truck and headed back to the other group who were still taking apart the pig boards.

  The boards were being unscrewed and moved off the ground so they wouldn’t rot during the winter. Underneath was a family of possums. They made shelter under the boards preparing for the cold months ahead. I could see in their eyes they were so afraid of us and what was to happen. We all decided that we had to finish and maybe the possums could find a better less smelly place to burrow.  One of the possum jumped out and waddled away into the forest. The other one held it’s ground, we continued to take apart the deck, until the batteries died in the last drill. Therefore we headed for home.



Laying down straw for winter bedding for the cows.