The Ever Elusive New England Weather

One essential ingredient to living in New England is the ability to constantly adapt to its ever shifting weather. The last couple of months here at the Farm School have been a clear reminder of this as we have experienced a stark contrast of the weather from one day to the next and sometimes even in a matter of hours. The weather here has been dancing around in between below and above freezing temperatures day in and day out. Along with these temperature fluctuations we have had a wide range of precipitation. It seems like anything is possible from feet deep of snow, dense fogginess, cold sleet and all-day rain affairs. There are days were the ground rests quietly under a blanket of snow while other days are filled with a roaring spring sound of melting snow and rain drops. My favorite days have been the warm and foggy ones were everything seems to be coated with a touch of mysticism.  

Here are some pictures from the last couple of months that show us how fleeting New England weather really is:

January 12- A warmer foggy day with flash floods 20180112_16220220180112_162402

January 15- A frozen trail path on a bitterly cold day20180115_141106

February 7- A surprise mid-morning fluffy snow out in our tree felling and firewood area20180207_10535520180207_114909

February 8- An all-encompassing ice skating rink20180208_15514620180208_074451

February 10- A slippery mess with the melting packing snow and hidden ice patches20180210_143418 (1)

February 20- Warm morning fog with the cows20180220_070908 (1)

February 21- Enjoying a summer day in February20180221_15420520180221_131636

February 22- A warmer morning with midday snow20180222_09425820180222_145710Gus got covered in snow but he didn’t want to come in. Maybe he was wishing for the previous day’s weather.