Out to Pasture

The animals have moved from their winter homes to the open pastures. The chickens have moved to long mowing field, they are spending their days eating ticks and other insects in the long grass. Chicken chore in the morning I trudge through the fields in my mud boots and shorts through dewy grass, long enough to to tickle my legs. It is so quiet in the early morning except for the singing of birds and the rustle of the new leaves on the trees. All the chickens come running to me expecting a treat of food scraps in my white bucket.

I got the opportunity to watch as the cows, went into pasture for the first time this season. We were all hoping for jumping and joyful cows, we were not disappointed they immediately ran through to the field as Josh sang the herding song. There was a deafening sound of the cows chewing and mooing on the grass. It was so wonderful to see the relief of fresh clover and green pasture.  Every day is becoming more busy with all the preparations for the summer time. Spring is here and almost gone. The flowers on the trees are starting to fade, but the lilac is blooming.


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